Postal Systems private registry hosts the following MIT licensed modules.


Parse email messages in browser environments

npm install @postalsys/postal-mime
Mbox Reader

Read email messages from large mbox files

npm install @postalsys/mbox-reader
Postfix Queue Parser

Parse email messages from Postfix queue files

npm install @postalsys/postfix-queue-parser


Assuming you have logged in to Postal Systems private registry, you can install and use modules listed in this page.

MIT licensed modules are prefixed with @postalsys, so if you have so far used the AGPL licensed imapflow like this:

const imapflow = require("imapflow");

And now if you want to switch over to the MIT licensed version of this module then all you need to to is to add that prefix to the module name. In this example imapflow becomes @postalsys/imapflow.

// npm install @postalsys/imapflow
const imapflow = require("@postalsys/imapflow");